three color and two fillings depositor

CRM-TCCD three color cookie depositor /cookie depositor manufacturer/cookie with fillings depositor

• Machine width:0.6m-1.2m
• Power: 3kw,380v-415v
• Capacity: 3-5s/time, 15g/piece
• Main material: stainless steel
• Hopper:1pc-3pcs

Product Information
CRM-TCCD Three color cookie depositor / cookie machine,cookie machie for sale , cookie machine manufacturer. 

Three color cookie depositor machine combines the depositing and wire cutting, it can produce product of two different color .

The movement drives by cylinder and servo motor, the operating system is adjust by touch screen and  PLC. Different cookie shapes can be made by changing the mold.

The deposit forming and wire cut forming allows the product variety. The cookie produced by this machine is clear in shape and even in weight.

This cookie machine can be match together with both rack ovens and tunnel ovens. Beside, This machine could also make filling cookies, you could fill chocolate and other fillings according to your request.

CRM-TCCD Three color cookie depositor / double color cookie with filling machine /double color filled cookie machine could make the following products by changing different nozzles .Two color cookie depositor / cookie machine 

The nozzles pictures as below . You could make different cookies by changing nozzles .  Two color cookie depositor / cookie machine

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