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This soft/hard biscuit line is made up of four mixer, soft and hard biscuit forming machine, conveyor of inlet oven ,diesel tunnel oven, conveyor of outlet oven, oiling spraying machine, 180°curve conveyorcooling line, biscuit stacking machine, stacking platform, sandwich machine , packaging machine .

Automatic Soft/Hard Biscuit Production Line could produce the products as below .

Capacity : 150kg/h - 300kg/h Soft/Hard Biscuit Production Line
Whole Line Technology Process biscuit machine for sale
Raw material→ mixing → cutting and sheeting  forming baking → dividingcooling and conveyingstacking→ sandwiching → packaging

How many workers will be needed ???
  • 1----2 persons , mixing the raw material
  • 1----3 persons , operate the machine.
  • 1----2 persons, operate packaging machine 

Biscuit Production Line photos as below 

What can we do ? 

Could you answer us the following questions before you will send inquiry please ? Thanks 
1. Will you plan to produce soft biscuit(cookie) ,hard biscuit or both ? 
2. How many kgs per hour will you require ? 
3. What's your available space (length*width*height) for biscuit production line ? 
4. Is this first time for you to purchase biscuit production line ? 
5. Will you purchase any other products except biscuit production line please ? If you will ,please let us know it . Thank you.  

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